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Entry #3

P009270 end! Making a new sprite animation

2011-08-23 17:58:25 by sebasNg

Project 009270: I Hope you enjoy

Ok new animation sprite called Goku Vs Vegeta.

this animation will have:

---best graphics

---best animation style

---best effects

---Best backgrounds

--- more longer

--- not noob animation


---Footplacement Lol!! --------------------------------------

well im using dbz legendary warriors sprite sheet goku sprite sheet made by me vegetas i dont know but i will give credit to the owner


this are the status of my new animation:

In: 50 %

Mid: 0.0 %

End: 0.0 %

Cred: 0.0 %

Please check my anims and coment here about Project 009270 and puntue please!!


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